Welcome to GI Jess Warriors for a Cause

James and JessicaGI Jess's Warriors for a cause is a not for profit charity foundation and multisport racing team with a goal to spread cancer awareness, early detection of the disease and outreach to those fighting cancer. I started this team to support my wife Jessica after she was re-diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer.  While the team was in its infancy Jessica and I saw the need for a local charity that reaches out to people that cancer has impacted and the sooner after diagnoses the better.  By implementing a multisport racing team we make ourselves visible to the public and gather others with like interests to join us in the fight.  Each member of our team is a Warrior by taking some of the fear from those afflicted and replacing it with knowledge of their individual condition.  With this new knowledge they are better outfitted to fight and win over their type cancer.  In this website you will find resources on various subjects on cancer prevention and to fight existing cancer.  If you like to join the fight and become a Warrior please click on the link provided.  With Strength, endurance and Perseverance we can win the race and help others.